Marquee Flooring


The images on this page have been selected to show carpet tiles installed, ply floor installed and pro floor installed.

  This is to assist you in seeing what the actual flooring looks like when set up.


Carpet Tiles 

Carpet Tiles can be installed on a solid surface (eg concrete) or can be installed covering a ply floor surface.   Carpet tiles are 1 metre square when measured individually, so can be installed on any area required.  They give that “Finishing Touch”  for that special occasion. 

Ply Floor

Ply Floor is a durable floor which can be used for many purposes.  As a flooring type for a marquee, a dance floor,   and also as flooring for sporting events , where a smooth floor is required (eg table tennis tournaments) .  Ply floor is hired out at a rate per square metre so can accommodate for many areas.

Pro Floor

Pro Floor is hired out at a rate per square metre. Being a light weight out door flooring, it is tough and robust while protecting underlying surfaces.  

Pro Floor can be used for multiple purposes 

- Marquee Flooring

- Walkways and pathways

- Merchandise and display

- Hospitality and catering areas

- Carnivals

- Wheel chair access